Tournament Rules

The Rinks – Lakewood ICE Hockey Tournament Rules

2024 Firecracker Classic


  1. USA Hockey rules will apply except as noted herein. No Off sides and No Icing will be called.   Teams will consist of no more than 9 players including the goalie.  Each team will have 4 skaters and a goalie on the ice during the game. 


  1. Penalties: Minor penalties will result in a penalty shot.  All players, except shooter, have to get behind the opposite blue line.  The puck will be placed at center ice.  As soon as the shooter touches the puck the rest of the players will be allowed to chase.  If the shot is missed, play will continue.   Any major penalty for fighting may result in Automatic Suspension from the tournament.  And any match penalty will result in Automatic Suspension from the tournament.     


  1. All games must begin on time! Games will consist of two (2) 15 minute halves.  It is possible that you will play back to back games.  The clock will run continuously.  If at the 2 minute mark of the 2nd half the score is within 1 goal than clock will go to a regulation clock until the game is finished.  There are no time outs and no over time.  For playoff and championship games only:  If a game ends in a tie a 3 player shootout will be conducted.  The shootout will commence until a winner is decided. 


  1. Equipment: All players participating in Lakewood ICE tournaments must wear protective equipment that meets the USA Hockey requirements.


  1. Home team is listed first on schedule.


  1. Locker rooms: Each team will be assigned a locker room before their first game and that will be their locker room for the entire tournament.  Some locker rooms will have 2 teams assigned to it.   Please keep the locker rooms as clean as possible.  Teams will be responsible for any damages done to the facility.


  1. Scoring Format:

                                Points will be awarded as follows:

                                                2 points for win

                                                1 point for tie

                                                0 point for loss


  1. Tie Breaker: (If teams are tied for more than one position, ties will be broken one at a time.)
  • Most Wins
  • Head to head play between two tied teams (If three or more teams are tied go to C, but if one of these teams has beaten every team that it is tied with, that team will advance to the next available seed.)
  • Goal differential (GF-GA) (All Games) **Maximum of 8 goals per game differential
  • Most goals scored
  • Least goals against
  • GF/GA
  • Least penalty minutes


  1. The rules committee reserves the right to modify a rule herein which is deemed not in the best interest of the tournament or amateur hockey.  The decision of the rules committee is final.