Skater & Players of the Month

Youth Player of the Month

Connor is our Youth Player of the Month! Connor just 7 years old finished playing his 3rd season of The Rinks Youth In-House League wants to play for the Ducks when he grows up. Connor loves skating with his friends and scoring goals. Congratulations Connor!

Adult Player of the Month

Tom Eisenmann is Lakewood ICE's Player of the Month. Tom is the Captain for Area 51 in Bronze West and is quite the character. On any given game night, you can find him chirping his entire bench to give them that extra motivation to “not lose the lead” in the 3rd period as he says they tend to do. After looking at the season stats, Tom was informed that he is (miraculously – his words, not ours) leading his team overall in points. His response, “That can’t be right, I only show up during playoffs!” To which all his teammates laughed as last season, after not scoring pretty much at all during the regular season, he led his team to the Championship scoring all 4 goals. Tom has been a customer of the rink for quite some time and boy do we enjoy his enthusiasm he brings to the rink weekly. Thanks for all the laughs and congratulations Tom! 

Skater of the Month

Isabella passed all 4 USFS pre-gold solo dances by all 3 out of 3 judges and she passed with honors last month, which is very difficult under the new USFS testing structure!  Izzy has been skating since she was 5-years old and has been to the Solo National Dance Championships 4 times.  Izzy began as an ISI Freestyle skater and has evolved into a beautiful Ice Dancer.  She also is very involved with the Matrix Synchro teams and has traveled to Synchro Nationals 4 times.