4th Annual Spring Compete USA In-House Competition

Our ISI & Compete USA In-House Competition is a great way to begin competing in this great sport of Figure Skating. Competitors from only Lakewood ICE are invited to participate, keeping the atmosphere fun and inviting to all skaters who participate. The skaters will be surrounded by their friends and coaches that they are used to seeing here at Lakewood ICE on a daily basis.

Professional video by John Hurd and still photography by Bob Young will be available. For your convenience, there is a full-service snack bar and pro-shop. Locker rooms will be available for competitors during the competition.

If you have any questions or need assistance please feel free to contact Jacqui Palmore at
jpalmore@therinks.com or (562) 429-1805 ext 6228.

IN House Competition Date
TBD Spring of 2019

Entry Form Deadline

The Rinks Lakewood Ice
3975 Pixie Ave
Lakewood, CA 90712

All skaters entering this competition must be current registered individual members of ISI whose
membership is current up to and including the date of the competition and have their tests registered at the
level in which they wish to compete, or members of Learn to Skate USA in order to participate in Compete USA.

All competitors must represent a current ISI Administrative member. Skaters are expected to compete at their true ability and to uphold high ethical standards. All entries will be verified at the ISI office. There will be no refunds if found ineligible.

The competition will be conducted in accordance with the guidelines contained in the 2018 ISI Handbook,
with current 2018 ISI Competition Revisions.

The information on the entry form must be accurate and complete. Inaccurate and/or incomplete forms will be returned. There will be a $10 fee for any changes made to your original entry form.

In fairness to the competitors, all Professional members (Instructors), with students competing in this competition, must do their part in judging an appropriate number of events. Please see the 2018 ISI Handbook for guidelines. Only coaches who have signed up to judge will be permitted into the Competitor’s Staging Area. All Professional Instructor memberships and Judging certifications will be verified by ISI. There will be a hospitality room open to all certified judges.

All skaters are to check in at the registration desk at least one hour prior to their scheduled event. If the
competition is running ahead of schedule, an event may begin up to 30 minutes earlier than its scheduled time.

CDs are to be turned in at the registration desk and clearly labeled with skater’s name, age, and event.
There should be no more than one program on a tape or CD. Extra music copies should be readily
accessible to your skaters’ coach in case of music problems. Music left at the end of the competition will be discarded after 10 days. The Rinks Lakewood Ice assumes no responsibility for lost, broken, or poorly
recorded CD’s.

Rink Size
Ice surface is 200’ x 100’ with rounded corners.

All skaters will receive an award. Awards will be presented upon the posting of each individual event. Any competitors who are not present during the awards presentation are welcome to pick up their awards the following week in The Rinks Lakewood ICE Program Office.

Accounting Review
Only ISI Professional Members can make accounting review requests to the Competition Director. Judges’
scores are considered final. A review is simply a verification of these scores. There will be a $50 fee for all reviews. If an error is found, the fee will be refunded. Video tapes will not be permitted to review an event in question.

Schedule of Events
A preliminary schedule of events and Judge’s Sign-Up Sheet will be posted on our web site no later than TBD

No refunds will be granted after the close of entries unless submitted with a doctor’s note.

ISI Events compete usa events

Additional information coming soon

More Information

For more information, contact:

Lakewood ICE Program Office
562.429.1805 ext. 6233

Lakewood ICE Skating Manager – Jacqui Palmore

The Rinks Figure Skating Director – Alex Chang