Skater & Players of the Month

Youth Player of the Month

Carter started September 17, 2017 with Learn to Play Hockey at The Rinks - Lakewood ICE. He's seven and loves to get on the ice as much as possible. He is at the rink three days a week now and would go everyday if he could. He says he "loves everything, but mostly when he works so hard and gets a new skill down." He can't wait to join a team.

Carter has also started doing Learn to Skate at The Rinks - Lakewood ICE on Thursdays to improve his skating and get more ice time.

Adult Player of the Month

Brandon Richardson is a highly valuable asset to his Copper team, Cookies & Beer! Not only this, but he is a pleasure to have as a customer! There has never been a time that he doesn’t come to the rink ready to play hockey with the best attitude and smile on his face. It makes me happy to see that Lakewood ICE has been a part of his ‘hockey career’ from starting out on the Rusty Blades in Rookie about a year ago to now! Congratulations, Brandon